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LT – 420 Friendly Rm#3 Great 4 Business/Studies

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LT – 420 Friendly Rm#3 Great 4 Business/Studies

About this space

Beautiful house in a SAFE and QUIET neighborhood, located in the middle of our cultural city. 24h/7d public transportation, the bus stop is STEPS AWAY from the house. After an exciting/busy day you can always come back home to relax.
We have hosted students & interns that went to different Universities and Hospitals. 420 Friendly.The space
To all our dear guests & potential guests we want to inform that my family and I, as responsible hosts, are aware of this global situation and we know your needs to stay in a clean, disinfected and safe place.
* We are ready to receive you and welcome you in all our apartments and our property installations.
* For all of our current and future reservations, we are taking deeply disinfection and deep cleaning measures in all the apartments and bedrooms to provide you with a clean, safe and disinfected place, so that when you arrive at our property, you can enjoy your stay with peace of mind, you can rest easylly and fully enjoy your stay in our apartment and / or bedrooms.
* Also, to prevent virus spread, we have placed an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser on the right side of our main entrance property to help prevent any propagation of any virus.
* And we have placed bottles of hand sanitizer on each apartment for your convenience.
Feel free to ask any question or concern.

Our home is your home: we are sharing our beautiful and relaxing Apartment by AIRBNB and we want to give you the best, simple and unique at same time.

You can enjoy our Beautiful Apartment located in the 2nd floor nicely decorated with multicultural details of our trips, with cozy bedrooms available for our guests and students in a safe and quiet neighborhood located in the middle of a very cultural northwest side of the city equipped with a beautiful back yard & comfortable climate. As a guest or student – You will have access to 24-hour public transportation to go everywhere in our Cosmopolitan City; the 77 CTA bus stop is steps away from the house (you can transfer to other city buses, city trains, interstate trains, METRA, Amtrak, Airports, etc.). Uber or Lyft can pick you up in short time.

You can have a clean, large, private and cozy bedroom with inside lock, a queen size bed and comfortable pillows, the bed sheets and blankets are top notch and comfortable, a night stand, a dresser, enough closet space, and if you are student we can provide a computer table for your convenience. Your bedroom also has windows with curtains and blinds. During cold time we provide thermal blankets.

– We offer coffee, tea, powder cream, sugar and coffee filters for your convenience.

420 Friendly:
* You can smoke in the back yard (patio).
* On-site: You can smoke in the living room & dining room only. Please make sure to place all the ashes on the ashtrays to prevent any carpet or rugs burn.
* Please don’t smoke in the bedrooms, inside stairs, front entrance or front garden.

We have air conditioners that we use during hot days, one of them is in the living room that has the power to cool the whole apartment; each bedroom has AC. There are ceiling fans in the living room and bedrooms to help to cool your rooms faster.

During the wintertime we have a heater radiator that keeps the room and the whole apartment in a comfortable temperature to keep you warm and cozy. We can schedule the heater thermostat for your convenience depending of your schedule of study and/or work.

There is a HD TV & a Blue-ray DVD player with Netflix and YouTube access in the dining room area where you can enjoy our local channels, movies, TV shows, etc.

>> We have a shared laundry in the lower floor of the building where you can have access to wash and dry your clothes, so guest like you would not have to go elsewhere to do laundry.

> If you need to iron your clothes no worries, you can iron your clothes using our lightweight professional vertical steaming iron and our iron table.

> The gym is located a walking distance (4 blocks away from the house). If you are interested take advantage of their FREE 7 Days guest pass.

After an exciting day in the city you can always come to a very comfortable home. To relax in the backyard, take a nap, nice warm shower, read a book or laid back and listen to music, so you can start another exciting new day.

Exclusive Service:
Most of the time when we travel, we’re tired or stress. Would it be nice to receive a relaxing massage? To answer the question, yes, we offer (if interested) upon arrival, a 5 minutes chair massage with no cost. Also, if interested in a more Relaxing Therapeutic table massage, we can offer 45 to 60 minutes massage with an additional cost in an aroma therapy ambiance and/or relaxing music.
At the end of the relaxing massage, you may also enjoy a cup of organic green or red tea.
The therapist focuses on deep tissue, some sports massage and trigger points. By receiving a Relaxing Therapeutic Massage you’re going to feel energized, relaxed, rejuvenated so you can enjoy your visit here in the Windy City and in our home.

Guest access
You will Enjoy our gorgeous apartment using our comfortable shared living room, we call it the Relaxing room with a beautiful carpet and many pillows and a few chairs to relax, listen to quiet and relaxing music, do yoga, meditation, relaxing with aromatic candles or incenses, or receiving a Relaxing Therapeutic Massage, or read a book while feeling the breeze of our ceiling fan, we have decorated this space with plants and some international decorations of our trips.

The shared dining room is spacious with a comfortable table and chairs, light decorated with our trip souvenirs. You can also enjoy your meals around the table or on the kitchen table as you want.
>> There is a smart HD TV with Netflix & YouTube access & Blue-ray DVD player in the dining room area where you can enjoy our local channels, movies, shows, etc.

You can enjoy the shared bathroom where we can provide clean towels, other amenities such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, body lotion and toiletries.

We have a good equipped and shared kitchen with a stove, stove extractor, refrigerator with ice machine, cabinets, microwave, conventional oven, toaster, blender, silverware, coffee maker, pantry to store your food products, etc.

>> Enjoy cooking your own breakfast, lunch or dinner where we can provide kitchen utensils to facilitate the time for your cooking. We can provide salt & pepper, some condiments, oil and a specific space for your fresh produces in the refrigerator and pantry.
• You can refresh yourself with ice cubes from our ice maker machine and cool water that is part of the fridge; you can also prepare your own smoothies and beverages.

• You can enjoy your meals in two places: in the kitchen table or in the dining room. Please, you must clean everything that you used and leave everything as it was, please whatever you dirty clean it. There might be other guests that will use the same shared areas.

Wi-fi 24/7.

Shared Areas:
* VIRUS PREVENTION: We have placed an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser on the right side of our main entrance to prevent any propagation of any virus. Feel free to place both hands under the dispenser and wait for a shot of sanitizer. Then rub your hands until is dry.

> During your stay you can use our beautiful & shared back yard of the house and our new patio, you can use this yard by using our umbrellas, a yard chair or using your own towel to relax, for sunbathing or read a book, you can also have a peaceful experience enjoying our tons of plants and flowers, during the spring/summer days beautiful birds singing around the yard, you can also use the grill outside. Remember to clean up after yourself. If you want to enjoy the show of lighting bugs you have to go outside after the sunset!

> We have a shared laundry in the lower floor of the building where you can have access to wash and dry your clothes, so guest like you would not have to go elsewhere to do laundry.

> GYM: The gym is located a walking distance (4 blocks away from the house). If you are interested take advantage of their FREE 7 Days guest pass.

> PARKING: If you have a car, free parking is allowed around the house. On my block is Residential Parking: if you want to park on my block you need a permit parking pass, please ask me for more information about the daily or permanent parking pass.

Feel free to ask any question.

Other things to note
– Your bedroom is in the Apartment located in the second floor of our property and there are NO PETS living in this floor.

– We will be very happy to receive you in our comfortable home, please when you apply for our place, share a little about yourself, and if you come with another guest we would like to know about him/her as well, what brings you to visit Chicago? What will be your plans during your stay? And why or what made you chose our place? We are going to thank you.

– Please, we would like to see a clear picture of you on your AIRBNB profile, so we can quickly know to identify you when you come to check into my home. Thank You.

– No street shoes in the house, please bring your slippers. You can leave your street shoes in the shoe rack located in the 2nd floor in front of the apartment door.

* We have surveillance cameras outside of the main door & in the back of the property to bring more security to our guests and our family.
We don’t have Installed cameras inside of the apartments or rooms.

* CHECK IN is at 1pm & CHECK OUT is at 11am:
– if you plan to check in early at an earlier time or check out at a later time, please let us know in advance.
– You can check in early or check out later till 10 minutes maximum without any charges as a courtesy.
– If you want to check in at an earlier time or check out at a later time we are going to charge $5 for every 30 minutes. The first 10 minutes are non chargeable. The 30 minutes begin after the first 10 minutes of courtesy
– this charge is to pay the “cleaning team” to do their job a little faster

* LUGGAGE DROP OFF: after check out at 11am and if you need to drop off your luggage, no problem, you can place your luggage in a designated area that we’ll let you know. (With no additional cost).

* Don’t worry about the lights/lamps located in the living room, we have an automatic schedule that turns on/off from 7am to 5pm to illuminate our plants. Also, there is a pink light that turns on/off automatically from 6pm to 2am approximately.

– Please be mindful that the common areas are shared, so maintain a clean environment.

– Always lock the doors when you leave or entering the house using the key that we provided you.

– If you need to iron your clothes no worries, we have an iron

– Please read the signs with additional information (friendly reminders) that are placed in different areas of the house (rooms, doors, cabinets, bathroom, etc.) we encourage you to follow the indications.

– Please RECYCLE your trash.
* Dispose of all EMPTY bottles, glass jars or plastic, metal (cans) cartons or containers in a separate bag and place them IN the BLUE RECYCLING BIN located in the ALLEY.
* The other garbage goes into the SILVER garbage can located in the kitchen, if you want to change the garbage bags, you will find black garbage bags (kitchen garbage bags) and white garbage bags (bathroom garbage bags) under the sink of the kitchen, please tie a knot the full trash bag and then throw it in the BLACK GARBAGE BIN located in the ALLEY.
* Please don’t leave at any time any kind of garbage, recycle or garbage bags on the porch.

– You will have access to a 24 hours public transportation (77 CTA Bus) the bus stop is steps away from the house

– Remember Chicago is a BIG city: it is normal for Chicagoans and travelers to travel a distance, using our public transportation or walking or UBER (taxi)

– The gym is located a walking distance (4 blocks away from the house). If you are interested take advantage of their FREE 7 Days guest pass.

– If you have planned to do your check out very early in the morning, no problem just please let me know in advance to give you special guides to leave the keys.

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